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Computer Services

Do you need help in any of these areas?

  • Home or small business office network setup
    • multiple computers at one location using a single internet access
    • wired and wireless networking
    • router and firewall installation
    • small intranets (Windows Server Technologies)
    • PC network configuration and set-up (Windows Operating Systems)
  • Data Analysis and Software/Systems consulting
    • web sites and related systems for communication and collaboration
    • web based streaming video for communication and training
    • Microsoft Office Applications, specialty Excel and VBA macros
    • data analysis and design of experimental programs
    • development of specialized software

If you do, then perhaps we can assist you. 
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Hi, I'm Robert Koller

Who are we?   Well, we are Robert D. Koller Jr. and Robert D. Koller Sr.  So as not to be confusing, Rob Sr. is older and wiser and Rob Jr. is younger and smarter.  Between us we can assist you in addressing your web projects, programming projects, data analysis projects as well as your Internet, Intranet and networking issues. 

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