Dr. Robert D. Koller Sr. 

I'm Dr. Robert Koller , but most folks just call me Rob

  • I have almost 30 years of experience in the chemical industry as both an experimental chemist and as a chemist applying computer based tools to solving practical, business and scientific problems.

  • During those 30 years I have traveled extensively outside the United States, both for business and pleasure.  I have lived in France for almost 3 years and speak French reasonably well.  I have an academic background in the German language.

  • I have about 10 years experience working with web based technologies: internal network infrastructures, intranet infrastructure (servers and web servers), website development (normal HTML and the more advanced ASP scripting technologies), and web-based video (live web casts and over 300 archived, "on demand" training, seminar and communication videos).

  • I have extensive experience working on the practical side of computers and assisting others in the use of desktop tools, like MS Office® and numerous data analysis packages (Kaleidagraph®, Axum®, Origin®, SAS®, MS Excel®, ...).  

  • I am generally considered to be something of an expert in Excel and Excel Macros/VBA.

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